Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Birthdays, skiing, ditches, and Plutarch

Asher turned 5 a couple of weeks ago now.  Christian took him skiing at Spring Mount for his birthday.  We had gotten some gift cards for doing tree work for the owner otherwise it probably wouldn't have happened.  He decided to take Aiden as well since we found out that all 4th graders get a free season pass and 2 free rentals.  Sorry, no pictures since he had his hands pretty full keeping Asher in the upright position the whole time.  They had a fabulous time and thankfully Christian's back survived the ordeal being that he was hunched over holding his pole horizontally so Asher had something to hold him up.

Our happy boy could hardly stop laughing long enough to blow his candles out.  I'm not sure what he thought was so funny. :)

Last week we had our front yard torn up to have a french drain put in.  After hurricane Sandy, Christian was concerned about the basement flooding if the power went out and we didn't have access to a generator for some reason.  So now we won't have to worry about it anymore.  It was a gigantic mess but the guy did a great job and cleaned it up very nicely so all we need to do is plant grass again.

Yesterday was my birthday.  The kids woke up early and made breakfast for me and made me eat it on the couch (I have this dislike of eating breakfast in bed), while they excitedly showed me the card on which they had been working so hard for a week.
Inside was a really funny poem that they and Christian came up with.
Oh how our love for thee doth fly,
A love that can not die.
You slave away from morn to night,
You read us books, our future's bright.
Our meal's so healthy and organic,
We seldom fear or fret or panic.
While you toil in the kitchen so,
We lay around and play Skip-bo.
Until you tell us to get our chores done,
Somehow you find a way to make it fun.
We laugh all day as we go through life,
You are an amazing mom and wife!

Ok so there is just some slight hyperbole in the poem, but hey, it had to rhyme right?  So no need to feel down on yourself if you don't laugh all day and cook healthy organic food all the time while making chores oh so fun.  Poor deluded man.

In other news, Claire decided to atone for her past sins by doing some light reading.  She knew that would make me happy.  I'll give her some slack for starting with the English translation rather than the original Latin.  Oh don't mind the marker on her face.  I'm not sure how that got there because there is no way she could possibly get into the markers since I am so organized and conscientious of where my baby is at all times.

That's all for now.  I gotta run and find Claire before she starts eating the dog food again.  At least it's organic, right?


  1. Good sense of humor! I'm glad you were treated so well for your birthday. You deserve every bit of it and more.

  2. Can't help but laugh, looking at that picture of Asher...

    Happy Birthday to you, too! Love the card and the poem. Please come over and teach me how to make the kids' chores FUN! ;)

  3. I liked Christian's poem. It sounded like he meant every word of it!! HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY to you and Asher. I loved the picture of him with the candles and cake.

  4. Ahhh....Christian's poems. They never cease to make me laugh!!! What a great card :) I'm still trying to get over the fact that Asher is FIVE!! Can it really be? I guess I don't feel like I've been gone that long, but it has been 3 years now. Happy 30th birthday...oh wait....that was when we went to Philly and laughed all night at Christian's poem and humorous comments!! How long ago was that now?? 10 years!! HA! Seriously, happy birthday to you and Asher :)

  5. I forgot about that. I will have to dig up that old poem if I can. :) That was "only" 6 years ago!

    Did I ever tell you that Aiden still prays from time to time that "Mr. Kett will find a job in Pennsylvania again so the Ketts can move back"? I don't have the heart to tell him that "Mr. Kett" probably isn't looking for a job in PA anymore. so if you ever get an unexpected job offer in PA you will know why. :)


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