Thursday, February 7, 2013

Keepin' it real

Just in case you were thinking it was all poetry, Shakespeare, Latin and classical music around here.  Just in case you thought the baby quietly played with educational toys on a blanket while I read the great classics to my eager listeners.  Just in case you thought my life was somehow more organized or better handled than yours.  News flash.  It's not.


  1. Bahahahaha ... that makes two of us. :) One day I'm sure we will miss these days (that is what everyone keeps telling me anyway), but in the mean time it is really inconvenient to be cleaning up all of these messes every day!
    I will give you one tip: make sure that all sharpie markers are out of reach. Emma's favorites are sharpie markers and the toilets.

  2. LOVE!

    I do miss those days . . . and mine lasted much longer than most (with preschoolers continuously for 22 years).

    :) :) :)

  3. How do you keep your sanity?!! But who can look at those eyes and not smile?

  4. haha! Oh good, I was starting to feel really bad about myself :P

  5. I love it! I honestly *did* think that about your family and everyone else's! I love seeing the real posts, partly because I don't feel so alone, and partly because the messes are much funnier when I'm not the one who has to clean them up!


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