Friday, February 15, 2013

Penn Museum

A week ago our home school group travelled down to the Penn Museum of Archeology and Anthropology.  I don't remember hearing of this museum before, but just today I heard it advertised on the classical station that I listen to and realized that I had heard of it, I just had never paid attention.  I guess it just didn't sound interesting.  Maybe they should change the name.  Face it.  Archeology and Anthropology sounds boring.

Well it wasn't boring for us since as a group the kids were able to participate in an enrichment class.  The enjoyed it a lot and even Asher was showing off his knew knowledge on the way home pointing out all the "artifacts" he saw.  Since "artifacts" are anything made my humans, there were quite a lot!

It also helped that we are studying ancient history in our Classical Conversations memory work this year.  The kids had fun pointing out artifacts from ancient Egypt, the Mayans, the Greeks and Romans, the Ming Dynasty, and Israel.
Of course mummies are always interesting no matter what you are studying.
The 2nd largest crystal ball in the world.

Looking at Roman coins.

When Christian is with us he likes to take pictures of really obscure artifacts such as this bronze strigil, used to scrape oil and dust off the bodies of athletes after exercise.  Ouch!  A towel would be good for me, thanks!

While we had a good time, it wasn't a place I would consider getting a membership to.  I also don't think it would be nearly as interesting if we hadn't been studying many of the civilizations represented in the museum.  It is also not quite as fun for the little kids, but Asher is used to tagging along to these things so he did fine.

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