Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Grace's birthday

I am a little late in getting to this but the puppies and the puppy blog have been taking more of my time these days.  I think we have all three sold at this point and that is the most time consuming part of the whole thing, so hopefully I can get some more time to blog here now.

We had a birthday party for Grace a couple weeks ago.  This was the first party we had for her since she turned one.  She had been wanting a party, but the thought of parties always caused anxiety for me and I just did not want to do it.  Since she was turning 12 this year I thought I needed to brush aside my anti-party opinions and just do this thing for her.

In the end, once I resolved to take a deep breath and just do it we ended up having a lot of fun planning the party.  We decided on a fairy theme and Christian helped come up with some fun ideas as well.  First off, Christian thought it would be fun to get the high-reach out and give the girls "fairy rides" up in the lift.  The reach goes up 50ft so I wasn't sure if they would be up for it, but most of them were and I think they had a lot of fun.

Next Christian came up with a fun scavenger hunt with about 10 different riddle/clues for the girls to figure out. 

The "treasure ended up being buried in the garden and they had to follow the clues very carefully to know where to dig.

One of the most fun parts was decorating the dining room.  We made these tissue paper flowers for the chairs and walls, strung some lights for the ceiling and added egg carton flowers to some of the lights, and made a banner.  Christian added the touch of the hornets nest that we decided to turn into a "fairy" nest.  We used spray adhesive and glitter on it and stuck little paper fairies to the nest and branches.  I also saw this cool cupcake stand on Pinterest made from wood rounds.  Of course we have plenty of wood around here so Christian made one, although ours was a little more rustic looking, which I though was a nice touch.

My sister Amy made the beautiful crocheted headpiece for her.

And then I realized too late the putting 12 candles on a cupcake would be slightly difficult.  Oh well.  We made it work and it ended up being pretty dramatic and fun in the end.

Now before you think I am the perfect party thrower and you feel down on yourself (because I know that is what I would do) please keep in mind that this is the first ever party any of our children have ever had since turning one (and then only family), and I had to hire a cleaning lady the day before to keep my sanity and it took a month to plan this thing.  Hope that helps.  Just because you don't have a high-reach at your parties for your kids doesn't mean you aren't a super awesome parent who loves their kids.  :)

New chick pictures next!!!!!


  1. Grace looks so happy with her fairy wings and wearing her beautiful crocheted head piece from Aunt Amy!! Happy Birthday Grace. You had a very memorable day!!
    Yikes!! That lift looks like it reaches the clouds! How thrilling for the children!

  2. CUTE!! The pictures of them in the high lift made my heart skip a beat, I don't know if I could handle that :P I love all the decorations, great job!!

  3. Well, I'm glad you added the last paragraph, because I have to admit that I was feeling just a little bit inadequate after seeing the picture of your dining room! ;) Seriously, it looks like it was a great party, and Grace looks happy and beautiful (can't believe she's 12!).

  4. The one picture that intrigues me is the one that looks like Canadian Geese flying. Is that what is is or am I mistaken? If that is what it is, it is quite beautiful.

  5. Yes it is Aunt Becky. They flew overhead one of the times the girls were up, so that was really fun for them to be up in the sky with the geese.

  6. O Wow!! I think that is so exciting. That is one thing we never see here in CA. I remember as a little girl seeing them migrate and hearing them honk. Hooray for the girls enjoying being up in the sky with the geese!!

  7. What a magical party, Christy! I just love it all


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