Friday, March 29, 2013

The new animals

It's turning into a regular farm around here again.  After losing our goats and chickens a couple summers ago it was hard to start again, but we felt like we were finally ready.  Last Monday we got the 6am call from the post office letting us know that our 24 chicks had arrived from McMurray Hatchery.  So Christian drove down to pick them up so we could get them warmed and fed quickly.
Opening the box is always such fun.
The chicks are now almost two weeks old and are a lot of fun.  We keep such a close eye on them the first couple weeks that they almost become like babies and you will often find Christian and me looking tenderly at them before bedtime when they are sleeping, saying things like, "awww, look at that one with his neck stretched out" or "oh that one is so adorable with her head on the feeder".  It's crazy what they do to you.
The lone Polish.

The majority are Rhode Island Reds.

Another exciting farm addition this week was a pair of female goat kids to eventually be bred and milked.

Rosy reminds me of the old days.
Aiden in 2008 with a newborn goat kid.
It is so nice to have goats back again.

While we are on the subject of animals I have to show you the craziest thing.  In the last couple of weeks this starling in our barn has decided he wants to make friends with humans.  He started with just fluttering down nearby, and then someone decided to try to see if he would eat some cat food out of their hand.  When he went for it then everyone wanted to try.

Now he comes down all the time.  He has no fear whatsoever of people and will fly down from his perch in the barn and perch on Christian or the kids shoulders or head.  The kids think maybe he is a decedent of Noah or Elijah's ravens.  Why else would he be so tame they wonder.
Well I would say it is pretty near a petting zoo around here now, complete with our own pet starling, Sparkles.

Well, new animals means new chores.  We have full day tomorrow: cleaning out and whitewashing the goat shed and chicken shed,  fixing up the chicken yard, repairing doors, making sure the coop is hawk proof, and setting up the coop with the deep litter method to help keep it clean and sanitary.  Farm work is so satisfying. 


  1. The chickes and goats are both pretty cute ... and even better that you will soon have fresh eggs and milk! Some of my kiddos will be very excited to come to your house (and some of them will probably be terrified, ha!). Hope you have a great work day tomorrow ... it should be a beautiful day to be outside!

  2. Oh my goodness that bird is so awesome!! and yay for goats and chickens again! I keep trying to talk Ricky into goats but he's not hearing it :P

  3. The starling is so funny! I remember as a little girl my father used to despise them! Interesting how attitudes change! The chicks and little goats are sweet. Jimmy would like to have a goat. But I will not hear of it, because the care or them will be my responsibility and I have enough to do!! (Is that selfish?) We used to have chickens(little white silkies) and peacocks, too. But after we realized we had so many rodents(rats) because of the food, I got rid of them. So not we battle the gophers, trying to keep them out of our garden. Sofi, our Australian Shepherd catches them when she can.
    Wishing you great success with your new animals and fowl.


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