Monday, April 22, 2013

New goats etc.

I guess it is obvious, but we've been pretty busy.  But who isn't these days?  The two goats that we bought a few weeks ago had to be returned due to illness that was just not getting better.  They came with runny noses and coughs and I didn't have a good feeling about it.  They just kept getting worse and had fevers, so thankfully the man we bought them from was willing to take them back. 

So this past weekend we drove out to an organic dairy goat farm in Berks County called Dove Song Dairy to pick up two new baby goats.  This was a fabulous farm by the way.  If you are looking for quality goats milk at a reasonable price this is the place! 

The two new goats were two days old and two weeks old so they need to be bottle fed for the next two months.  We had to sit the kids down for a family meeting to make sure they were willing to help with this endeavor before we decided to go ahead with it.  They said they were and we believed them, and so far we are pretty happy with this decision.  These are by far the friendliest goats we have ever had!  They sat in our laps the whole hour long ride home from the farm because they were too sad in the trunk.  :)  They come running to the fence whenever we go outside and when we let them out they follow us around the yard.

They especially love Grace because she has been the one bottle feeding them 3-4 times a day since we got them.  She is like the momma goat to them and it is so adorable to watch.
The black and white one is a LaMancha which we named her Coffee, and the brown one is an Alpine and her name is Toffee.

The chicks are now a month old so we moved them to their third transition home before they are ready for the big pen.  They need to be big enough to fend off smaller predators like rats (yuck, I know), so this dog kennel was the perfect place for now.  Claire is here getting her daily dose of bacteria to strengthen her immune system. 

Aiden wanted a couple pictures of his favorite chicks.
The polish, which they call "puff head".
The white cochin or "feather foot".

Since I'm talking about outside things I thought I would throw these pictures of Naomi climbing the maple tree out back.  She finally figured out how to climb it by herself without help.  (Not without much moaning and groaning, mind you).  Christian rigged it up with ropes, a pulley and a harness, and the kids spend a lot of time climbing this tree. Sometimes they will go down the zip line, but they mostly just enjoy trying to climb up by themselves.

The other day the kids' cousins were over and they thought it would be fun to wave to cars in the front yard by the road to see how many people they could get to wave at them.

They had a rip roaring time, and they were very excited to report that they had 72 people wave to them!  I remember doing stuff like this as a kid and I am glad to see it hasn't lost its fun, at least on this crew.
And besides all that, we still have one (not fully house-broken) puppy waiting to go to her new home this Friday.  Oh yes, that and the week old baby chicks that are in the dining room that someone gave us last week.  And did I mention that we still haven't gotten around to prepping the garden?  And yes, I know, the lawn looks like it needs to be mowed.  And I really should sweep that walkway.

And in case anyone was wondering, our starling friend Sparkles has disappeared.  We are hoping that he just found new friends and that he did not become a snack for our barn cat.  :(

Monday, April 8, 2013

Healthy Food

It's Monday, and that means the new episode of Kid Snippets is out, which the kids beg to watch every week.  Have you seen these?  They crack us up, and the kids have watched them so many times that we quote lines from them all the time.  Claire will actually sit and watch these (I think she is fascinated by the "little" voices coming out of the big people's mouths) for 1/2 hour so I can get something done.  Hey, it could be worse, she could be watching Dora the Explorer.  {gag}

The following Kid History has got to be one of our favorites though.  It's got green smoothies, kombucha, tofu and vitamins in it.  I laugh so hard I cry at the "mom" singing while she makes "delicious smoothies!"  I laugh because that is me (minus the goofy bunny rabbit sweatshirt).  It's good to laugh at yourself.  :)

So without further ado, I share with you our secret obsession........

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sparkles the pet starling

Sparkles has now decided he wants to be a human.  On Saturday afternoon we came in for a snack after cleaning out the chicken coop.  We were all in the kitchen when all of a sudden I noticed Sparkles peering in the window looking like he wanted to come in.  So Christian opened the window and he immediately hopped up on his shoulder.

Do you want a snack Sparkles?
He ruffled his feathers at the root beer.  No thanks.
Don't worry, that is not bird poop on his shoulder, it's whitewash splatters from the chicken coop painting party.
After flying into the family room, Aiden was able to catch him and walk him back outside.
He was back at the kitchen window this morning again while we were eating breakfast, although we decided to not let him in this time.
Good morning Sparkles!

It is the strangest thing.  Who ever heard of a pet starling?  We couldn't stand these birds before.  They make messy nests in the pole barn, poop all over everything, and make a huge racket out there.  It is funny because we weren't even trying to tame him, he just decided that he wanted to be friends with us!  I guess we still don't like starlings in general, but this one sure has won us over.
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