Wednesday, May 15, 2013


On Monday we had the joy and privilege to head down to center city Philadelphia to witness the naturalization ceremony of our good friend Steve.  Steve was originally from Algeria and came here a few years ago to study.  He lived with us for a few months and has become a great friend of our family. 

Steve is one of those guys who just soaks in knowledge and learning.  He speaks 4 languages fluently, and his English is impeccable.  He  knows more U.S. history than most Americans and loves to have quizzing contests with the kids asking them questions like: who was the 14th president or when was the constitution written etc.?

He said it was always his dream since he was a small boy to become a U.S. citizen, and we were very excited that we could be there with him on his special day.  As we watched the different videos on citizenship I was nearly brought to tears with pride in our country.  Hearing the names of 30+ countries being called, representing people who were becoming citizens on Monday filled me with gratitude that they had a place to come where they could be free to pursue their dreams.

I am reading a book about the constitution to the kids entitled Our Consitution Rocks (silly title I know), and I have grown a much greater appreciation for our country, how it was founded and the opportunities, freedoms and safety it has provided for so many people.  I highly recommend it as an easy to read book that clearly explains what the constitution is about.
Taking the oath

Steve, his wife and us.

They like to joke that they are cousins when they are together and people ask who Steve is and how we know him.  Most of the time people believe them, and they are blown away when they find out that Steve is from Africa.  Not everyone from Africa is black, people!
Is that one happy looking dude or what?

Since it isn't every day that you get to witness a naturalization ceremony we called this a field trip and marked it off as geography, civics and social studies!

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  1. What a great learning experience for the children. Good job calling it geography,civics and social studies. And Congratulations to your friend Steve on his citizenship. He will be a great American citizen!! Wonderful story.


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