Thursday, June 20, 2013


I've been busy writing my guest posts over at Beth's blog so I haven't had much time to update here.  #2 is up over there if you care to read it.

In the meantime here are some pictures from our trip to the aquarium last week.  We went with my Mom and my niece, and thankfully we had some cheap $10 tickets from home-school week last year that we were not able to attend because someone was sick.  As much fun as we had, I kept thinking that I would never spend the $150 it would have cost us to get in at the regular admission price.  That place is outrageously over-priced!  I know it must be expensive to maintain all those tanks and fish, but that's just ridiculous.

Not only that but I think we picked up some weird virus while we were there because four of us got sick a couple days later with fevers and head colds.  No wonder because the place was mobbed with school trips, which are the bane of my existence.  If I am ever tempted to send the kids to public school I just need to visit a museum when it is mobbed with school trips: kids running like mad around the place with their iPhone taking pictures of fish, pushing you and your kids out of the way, yelling, and learning absolutely nothing.

That's enough of my whining and pessimism though.  On to the pictures.

Oooh, crazy moving pictures!
I think the kids' favorite parts were the shark tunnel and the touch tanks.

I think my favorite part was 12-year-old girls with their iPhones running through the aquarium to stand in front of each tank only long enough to take a picture of the jellyfish or shark or whatever it was, while yelling right in my ear to their friends.  That was really awesome.

Geez, Christy, quit your whining!

Feel free to go read my guest post.  I'm much happier over there.

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