Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Leaving the nest

It was a lovely spring evening a few days ago that our bluejay fledglings decided to leave their nest.  They were right on schedule according to our handy dandy chart, which said that bluejays fledge at 17-21 days.  Since we knew their time was coming we were keeping a close eye on them.

I don't know who saw them first, but everyone went running outside when this little guy was spotted on the ladder.

Hey little guy, remember me?  I checked on you nearly every day since you were hatched.

They made sure to put him back right where they found him because instinct knows best, and what we think might be best for the baby bird might not be best for them.  They were also not allowed to pick them up the next couple days as they hopped around the yard and tried out their wings.

It was funny to watch the next couple days as momma bluejay would go dive bombing Lily whenever she went outside.   Nothing was going to get at her babies on her watch!

I wonder if these jays are going to be extra friendly because of all the human attention they received, and if someone somewhere in the neighborhood is going to wonder why a particular bluejay doesn't seem to be a afraid of people.

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful experience for the children to see the birds beginning their lives outside the nest. I was surprised to see the bird hopped on to their fingers.


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