Friday, June 14, 2013

Toddler antics

Claire has been a pickle lately.  This 18 month age exhausts me every time.  Just when they start developing their adorable personality and being funny they also start getting into serious trouble and making serious messes.  Terrible 2's has nothing on 18 month olds in my opinion.  Thankfully there are ways to pacify these little trouble makers even if it is only short lived.
You can also give them fish to play with.  Who needs toys when you have sunnies?
But then they make up for their troublesome ways by causing us to laugh hysterically.  Like when she thought she would imitate her big brother who just relieved himself behind a tree.
She could not see what we were laughing so hard about.  This is serious business she was thinking.


  1. How funny! She has the stance down pat. What an imitator.

  2. hehe... maybe she'll potty train quickly :) Adorable little girl

  3. O my word! That is positively adorable!

  4. She is adorable. You have been blessed with such a sweetheart.


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