Saturday, July 20, 2013

Desperate times...

You know it's hot when your kitty climbs your screen door, peering anxiously in, begging to be let inside.   We found this kitten a couple weeks ago wandering around our church one morning when we were there for an art class.  As I stood there wondering where she came from  she kept winding her way around our legs and looking so lonely.  The kids begged and begged to keep her, so I asked the ladies in the office if they knew anything about her.  Of course they didn't, but they said people will often drop off their kittens in the area when they can't get rid of them.   I figured that must have been what happened, since she seems too friendly to be a total stray.

So, reluctantly, I brought her home.  I really had the intention of taking her to the S.P.C.A. unless I could find a free or very low cost way to spay her.  When we moved in here there were no less than 17 barn cats and they were all inbred and completely feral.  We ended up trapping them and taking them to the S.P.C.A. and found a place to spay 2-3 semi-tame ones that we decided to keep, to help keep the rat and mouse population in check. 

Well there doesn't seem to be any place that will spay and neuter for free any longer, but the longer Bitty stays around the more she is growing on me.  She has already caught two mice, bringing them to the front door to show off her skills to us as if trying to prove her worth to get her permanent resident card. 

I guess if she is still her after we come back from vacation I will have to shell out the $50 to get her spayed.  The justification in my mind being that I am paying for rodent removal and the prevention of a lot of headache dealing with millions and millions of cats in the near future.

Bitty's not the only one who is desperately hot.  The filter is broken on Christian's parents' pool and staying inside all day is not an option.  So Claire's baby pool and a plastic tub is better than nothing, especially when it is filled with fresh well water.  Brrrr!!!

Silly kids!  To tell you the truth, if I would fit I would be right in there with them.  Sitting there dripping with sweat watching them cool off isn't the most fun. 

It could be worse.  I'm glad I don't have Christian's job.  The poor guy said it was so hot he had to wring his sweaty shirt out three times one day!  Yuck!

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  1. Yikes!! Now that is HOT!! Every time I say the word hot in reference to the weather, I can hear my Mother saying to us-It is not hot, just very warm, I could never figure out why she was so against using the word hot. But, yeh, I heard it was VERY WARM back your way. We have been having exceptionally cool weather here in SD. It has been in the 60's every morning and in the middle 70's during the day. But I have a feeling we are in for some VERY WARM temperatures in August and September. Good Grief--it is not very far off. So we are enjoying the cool temps while they last!! Love the name you chose for the cat. Sounds like she 'fell' right into her job.


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