Saturday, July 27, 2013

The call of the wild woods

We are finishing up our first week at Moosehead Lake, ME.  There is something magical about this place.  Something that calls you and keeps pulling you back year after year, despite the long hours of packing and the 12 hour drive.  When you meet someone who has been there it's like you have met long lost family.  "You have been to Moosehead?", you ask.  "How did you ever find it?!"  It is like this hidden treasure and you wonder how no one else knows about it.

The day before we left PA it was 95 degrees and humid.  The air was a thick heavy blanket that pressed you on all sides the moment you stepped outside.  When we arrived here on the lake the next day it was 72 degrees with a breeze off the lake that blew all memories of that past life far away to something like a dream. That alone would be worth the drive.  But oh no, Moosehead has more to offer than that.  A nearly empty lake on which to kayak, canoe and swim, endless mountains to hike, oodles of time to read great books, the freshest balsam scented air from the millions of trees that carpet the landscape like moss, wild blueberries that you can pick to your heart's content, and quiet stillness.  Moosehead selflessly gives, and you receive rest for your soul.

And we still get one more week here.  It's almost too good to be true.  How lovely to have the most pressing thing on your mind being, what mountain should we hike next?


  1. Good thing we're going soon or I would be crying right now :) it's as good as you make it seem. Ah.

  2. What a great place to vacation!! The memories taken away from there will last forever.

  3. I really want to go there! It's so beautiful. I love the picture of Claire on the dock; she looks so grown up!


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