Thursday, August 1, 2013

More Maine fun

Family picture in the canoe, named for my grandpop, the first man of canoes in our family.  He doesn't know that we named the canoe after him, so I think this picture framed would make a great Christmas present!
Playing tag on the front lawn.  Does this look heavenly or what?

Yesterday was our 14th anniversary, so we decided it was a good day to attempt the hardest hike we have tried with the whole family.  White Cap Mountain on the Appalachian trail was a gorgeous hike, well maintained, but seriously tough!  It was a little over 6 miles and 4 1/2 hours round trip of strenuous hiking, and everyone (even Lily!) except Claire hiked the whole thing with nary a complaint.
Sure, some rests were needed, but we were up and moving again in no time. 
We had to slow the beastly mountain man down by making him carry Claire and the backpack.  He actually was sore after this hike!
Nearing the top!

Christian passed this sign 20 years ago when he hiked the whole Appalachian Trail with his friend (later brother-in-law).

White Cap Mountain was definitely a new favorite hike, despite being so arduous.  The views from the open top were spectacular.  Even though it was way out in the wilderness we met several  hikers who were on their way to Katahdin (the end of the Appalachian trail).  Some were through hiking and some were doing it in sections over several summers and this was their final leg on the journey.

We had a nice chat with an older couple who had set up camp by the shelter and they supplied us with some filtered water from the mountain stream.  We all looked wistfully at their set-up as they sat there sipping their hot coffee, listening to the sound of the running water thinking how nice it would be to camp out.  We are thinking next year a two-day hike with a camp out will be on the to-do list.   What a great way to spend our anniversary.

I don't have a picture, but my mom also made it up this killer of a mountain  Go Mom!!  My poor Dad had to stop about 1/2 a mile from the top, not quite feeling up to doing the whole thing.  Next year Dad!

We left the kids in town with my parents for pizza and Christian and I quickly rushed home to clean up before making it a few minutes late for our reservations at Maynard's for dinner.  What a day!


  1. What an adventure!! Just a question--If Christian carried Clare, who carried the dog? Or did she walk most of the way? HaHa!! Loved the view from the top. Reminded me of the view from the top of Jack's mountain in Big Valley, that we used to hike as children.

    1. Can you believe that the dog hiked the whole thing? She loved it, but she is doing nothing but sleeping today!

  2. I love looking at your Maine pictures each year! Absolutely gorgeous! Love the canoe pic. :)

  3. Hi! I just discovered your blog and the Homeschooling is not for whimps post when Googling to find if people combine Ambleside Online and Classical Conversations. As a brand new homeschooling family we started out this year in CC and like it, but I'm also falling in love with CM philosophy as I read. I'd love to know if you've continued both and how it has worked!
    Jennifer --


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