Sunday, October 6, 2013


October has always been my favorite month.  I am not sure when it started.  Does it have something to do with my all time favorite U2 album, or that piece I played by Tchaikovsky titled October when I was in high school?  Did music start it or did it only add to its charm?  I loved the month so much when I was younger that I always said I would have an October wedding.  Unfortunately, with Christian still in college needing to finish up one more semester, we had to opt for a sweltering July wedding instead, although we will stubbornly insisted it be outside.

The first few days of this October have been unbelievable warm.  Here I am still wearing shorts and T-Shirts as I head out the back door in my bare feet to hang the laundry on the line, my feet crunching dead sycamore leaves that fell early due to lack of rain.

But it still smells like October.  The air is more clear and thin, not that heavy thick air of summer.  My hands smell of rich garden soil as I plant the fall crop of lettuce and spinach.   The kitchen stove has bubbling pots of apples for sauce and crab-apples for jelly.  The kitchen smells are divine.

The kids enjoyed iced tea outside on the walkway this week and had fun perfecting the art of bike riding without hands.

And of course there is applesauce, applesauce and more applesauce.  After we had finished up 8 bags I wondered if our Champion juicer with a large hole screen would work faster than the good old Victoria strainer that we usually use.  So I just had to buy 4 more bags to find out.  I really don't know what is wrong with me.  I can't just do things halfway.  I can't just be content with making a lot of applesauce, I have to make an insane amount of applesauce.  I guess when the kids could eat a quart a day if I let them I do have some justification for my insanity.  :)

 Thankfully Christian really enjoys making it with me (maybe it has something to do with using machinery) and we put over 100 quarts away in the freezer.  And yes, my freezer is mostly full of applesauce.  Using the Champion was so much faster and easier (not that it is that hard to begin with) and we are definitely going that way again next time.

I don't know about the rest of you on the east coast, but I am looking forward to cooler weather coming soon.  Heating up the kitchen when it is 83 degrees is not as much fun as when it is 63 degrees.


  1. Peeling apples by the peck, Mrs. Peters was a wreck!

    I can't believe you made 100 quarts!! you're too funny :P Love the pictures of the kids riding without their hands, go Grace and Aiden!

    1. Ha! The Seven Silly Eaters. I should have thought of that! Thankfully I didn't have to peel all of them like she did. :)


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