Thursday, October 30, 2014

The quarterly report

This year for vacation we were not able to get away until September.  It was a long summer and Christian really needed this vacation, but I think next year we will try to take a week off in the summer as well.  Working straight through this summer was so hard on his body that he threw his back out and ended up in the ER in the middle of the night with such intense back pain that took him about two weeks to recover from.

My grandparents were able to help us find this great rental on the bay in Ocean City, NJ.  It was great because even if the weather wasn't great for the beach we could still play in the lagoon with the kayaks, swim or fish.

Thankfully we still did get some really gorgeous days at the end of the week to spend on the beach.

 We discovered that the best and cheapest place to get your ears pierced is on the boardwalk.  Grace has been so nervous about getting her ears done, but I talked her into it this time, and since she didn't have enough time to get worked up about it she was able to go through with it without throwing up.  :)  We figured since the price was right we would get Claire's done as well.  She was happy to sit in the chair for it until......

 The crying didn't last long though and there were big smiles afterwards!  She was so excited to have earrings like the big girls.
 We biked on the boardwalk nearly every day and that was a big highlight of the trip.  The scale tells me that all that biking didn't make up for all the visits to Brown's donuts that week though. 

Back on the home front we are overrun by bunnies again.  We acquired this guy as sort of rescue situation.  He had been neglected and needed a new home.  He has got to be the friendliest and floppiest (although not the prettiest) bunny ever.

And the baby bunnies are back again!  Six this time.  We have two ginger colored boys left for sale.

Our Polish Tolbunts that we got this summer turned into quite the beauties  I just wish they would lay eggs consistently so we can sell them!

We also "borrowed" a new boyfriend for Lily a few weeks ago and I am happy to announce that Lily will be having her last litter of puppies around Thanksgiving.  I think this guy (who we called Georgie because his real name was weird)  is so adorable and we are planning on keeping one of Lily's girl puppies to continue breeding.

Grace started a face painting business and was able to make some extra money at the 4-H fair, a local farmer's market and an event at our alpaca farm.  She is saving up for a new violin and has done well enough with little odd jobs here and there that we should be able to get her one in December.  She is very excited!

Of course there is a whole lot more going on than that, and as soon as I remember to take some pictures you will hear about it!
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