Monday, November 17, 2014

Claire bear

Happy 3rd birthday Claire Bear!  What a fun, happy, spunky, precocious girl you are turning into.  With all your older brothers and sisters you think you are such a big girl, too.  When we drop the big kids off at art class and you and I go to the library to read books you ask me, "when are we going to pick up our kids" as if you were their parent and not their sibling.  I love it when you say, "Guys you need to be quiet! Mom said!" when your siblings are squabbling in the car.

And speaking of books at the library, you could sit and listen to book for hours if only my voice would hold out that long.  Your favorites are Curious George books, The Mitten (which you can actually recite word for word), The Little Fur Family and Bible story books.
Claire with Grammy W.
You love your bible and always are sure to remember to bring it to church.  We also love to hear you pray.  You always want to pray and you remember to pray for things that we sometimes forget.  You still pray for Dad's back that he hurt back in August.  Somehow you haven't realized that it's better now.   What a sweet heart you have at such a young age.
You were so excited for your birthday and it was such a delight for you to have both sets of your grandparents here, your big friend Andrew D. who eats dinner with us two nights a week, and your cousin.
Grace and Naomi made you an orange marmalade cake all by themselves and it was delicious!  You were so busy with your presents that I think you forgot to eat it. 
As people left to go home you called out to them "happy birthday!"  Bless you little heart, my dear.  You can be exhausting sometimes with your antics but we love your and can't imagine life without you! 

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  1. She is such a cutie!! So she turned 3 already (going by the candles on the cake)!! The other kids are looking so much older as well.


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