Monday, December 15, 2014

A Musical Week

For Christmas this year in lieu of gifts we decided to take the kids down to Mary Poppins, the Broadway Musical in Philly last week.  We told them the morning of the performance and they were super excited, but they told us afterwards that it was even better than they thought it was going to be.
 I wasn't sure how Claire was going to do since it started at 8pm and went until 10:45, but she sat mesmerized nearly the entire time.  I think all the singing, dancing and colorful costumes helped hold her attention.

Yes Christian was there too, but someone had to take the picture.
 Even though there was a lot of differences from the movie, which the kids have seen many times, it was still an amazing show and they spent the whole next day listening to the music and singing the songs. 

The very next night they had their second choral concert with SGM which is always a big highlight of the year.  This year the choir added a younger Prima Choir so Asher was able to participate for the first time.  This choir was so adorable and it was so exciting for them to be able to join the big kids on stage for the grand finale piece.

Saturday night our small group had a party and Sunday night Grace had a violin concert with her studio.  At this point I was so beat that I forgot to bring the camera and have no pictures to show for it.  It was a great experience for her to be able to play with the orchestra and she is working very hard at her violin practice so that she can join in the near future.

It was a fun week, but we are glad we don't normally live like that and we are looking forward to some quiet evenings at home again by the fire with a good book.   

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