Tuesday, January 27, 2015

March for Life 2015

This past Thursday, on the 42 anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, we had the privilege to join with hundreds of thousands of people from all across the county to remember the lives of millions of human lives lost to our silent holocaust.  The theme this year was "Every Life is a Gift" and it was a fitting reminder when you learn that 8-9 out of 10 babies with a disability is aborted in the womb.  What a tragedy. 

We got to see our favorite pro-life organization Save the Storks and get a little tour of the inside of their state of the art mobile pregnancy medical van.  These Mercedes Benz vans cost over 100,000 each, yet Save the Storks is placing one every month at this point in various states.

This was very exciting to see in person something that had have supported and hear about all the lives being saved because of it.

I love hearing the inspiring speakers, politicians and musicians and then singing God Bless America with everyone before we started the march.
She was so tired, but she was determined to hold her sign.  

A group of people next to us were chanting "we love babies, yes we do, we love babies how about you?"  Claire asked me, are these people here because they love babies?  I said, "yes they are" and she responded, "oh, I love babies too."  It was adorable to hear her little voice chanting "we love babies, we love babies."

Listening to chants of "Hey, Obama, your momma chose life!"

It is a long day for us.  We have to get up at 4:45am to catch the bus down and didn't get home until 9:30pm.  It is a lot of walking and a lot of standing and our legs are aching by the end of the day.  We got totally lost on the subway on the way home, but thankfully some kind friars gave me their seat and a nice politician pointed us in the right direction.  But it is so inspiring and worth all the bleary eyes and aching backs.

I am so blessed to see so many youth there.  I read that there were 700 high school and college students from North Dakota alone!  "We are the Pro-Life Generation" was one of the most popular signs.  The feeling you get from joining so many people in such a cause is priceless.  Even with all those people it is such a peaceful place even though I am on the verge of tears most of the day.  Lord have mercy.

For more pictures and inspiration check out #whywemarch

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